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Reinisch August. International Organizations Before National Courts - Cambridge University Press, 2004. — 521 p.
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This book investigates in a radically empirical way how national courts ‘react’ to disputes involving international organizations. Comprehensively analyzing both national courts’ attitudes and techniques and underlying policy reasons, it first describes various legal approaches that result in adjudication or non-adjudication of disputes concerning international organizations. Secondly, it discusses policy issues pro and contra the adjudication of such disputes
Додав: egege | Контактна особа: правозахисник | Теги: Міжнародні суди, National Courts, міжнародні організації, International Organizations
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Preface page xi
Acknowledgements xii
Table of cases xvii
Table of legal instruments lv
List of abbreviations lxv
1 Purpose, subject and methodology of this study 1
Introduction 1
Subject of the study 4
Survey of existing material and literature 17
Methods 21
part i descriptive analysis
2 Avoidance techniques 35
Non-recognition as a legal person under domestic law 37
Non-recognition of a particular act of an international
organization – ultra vires acts and non-attributability 70
Prudential judicial abstention through doctrines
concerning act of state, political questions,
and non-justiciability 84
Lack of adjudicative power of domestic courts 99
No case or controversy 124
Judicial discretion to prevent harassing lawsuits and
mock trials 126
According immunity to international organizations 127
3 Strategies of judicial involvement 169
Non-qualification as international organization 170
No delegation of immunity 172
Recognition of an international organization as a legal
person under domestic law 175
Denying immunity 177
Restricting the scope of immunity 185
Broad waiver interpretation 214
t ii policy issues
4 Rationales for judicial abstention 233
The protection of the functioning and independence of
an international organization 233
A counterbalance to the relative weakness of
international organizations 238
The influence of states on an international organization
should be channelled through its ‘internal law’ 239
Equality of the member states of an international
organization 241
Securing uniformity in dispute settlement 243
Derived or delegated state sovereignty 245
Immunity as an inherent quality of international legal
personality 246
Lack of territory 248
Precedent and prestige 250
5 Reasons for asserting jurisdiction 252
Judicial protection as a public good sought by and
against international organizations 252
Making sense of immunity qualifications 253
Encroachment on the territorial sovereignty of the
forum state 254
Higher degree of integration: the federal state analogy 255
Enhancing the creditworthiness of international
organizations as a functional reason to limit
immunity 255
No immunity for iure gestionis activities: the same
immunity standard as the one used for states 258
Fairness to third parties 262
Human rights and constitutional limits 278
6 Do national courts provide an appropriate forum for
disputes involving international organizations? 317
Critical appraisal of the quality of the existing case law 317
The broader framework 318
The parameters 324
Possible solutions 328

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