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Pauwelyn Joost. Conflict of Norms in Public International Law: How WTO Law Relates to other Rules of International Law Download
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One of the most prominent and urgent problems in international governance is how the different branches and norms of international law interact, and what to do in the event of conflict. With no single ‘international legislator’and a multitude of states, international organisations and tribunals making and enforcing the law, the international legal system is decentralised. This leads to a wide variety of international norms, ranging from customary international law and general principles of law, to multilateral and bilateral treaties on trade, the environment, human rights, the law of the sea, etc. 
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1 The topic and its importance: conflict of norms in public international law 5 Conflict 5 Conflict of norms 6 Conflict of norms in public international law 10 The importance of the topic 12
2 The case study: the law of the World Trade Organization 25 WTO law as ‘just’ another branch of public international law25 TheWTOlegalsystemisnota‘closedlegalcircuit’35 The sources of WTO law 40 The nature of WTO obligations: reciprocal or integral? 52
3 Hierarchy of sources 89 The continuing uncertainty as to the sources of international law 89 Are there any a priori hierarchies in international law? 94 Judicial decisions and doctrine 109 General principles of law 124 Custom and treaties 131
Unilateral acts of states and acts of international organisations 143 From ‘sources’ of international law to ‘general’ versus ‘particular’ international law 147
4 Accumulation and conflict of norms 158 The function of norms 158 How norms interact 161 Accumulation 161 Conflict 164 Accumulation and conflict with general international law 200 Accumulation: ‘fall-back’ on other norms of international law 201 Conflict: ‘contractingout’ of general international law 212
5 Conflict-avoidance techniques 237 Co-ordination ex ante (conflict prevention) 237 The presumption against conflict 240 Treaty interpretation as a conflict-avoidance tool 244
6 Resolving ‘inherent normative conflict’ 275 Preliminary classifications for conflict resolution 275 One of the two norms ceases to exist 278 Oneofthetwonormsis‘illegal’298
7 Resolving ‘conflict in the applicable law’ 327 Oneofthetwonorms‘prevails’327 Explicit conflict clauses 328 Lex posterior 361 Lex specialis 385 Bothnormsare‘equal’418 Conclusion on conflict resolution 436
8 Conflict of norms in WTO dispute settlement 440 The judicial settlement of disputes 441 The jurisdiction of WTO panels 443 The applicable law before a GATT/WTO panel 456 Practical consequences of the approach suggested

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