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Law in the United States. 2nd Edition / Arthur T. von Mehren, Peter L. Murray. — Cambridge University Press, 2007. Download
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Law in the United States is a concise presentation of the salient elements of the American legal system designed mainly for jurists of civil law backgrounds. It focuses on those attributes of American law that are likely to be least familiar to jurists from other legal traditions such as American common law, the federal structure of the U.S. legal system, and the American constitutional tradition. The use of comparative law technique permits foreign jurists to appreciate the American legal system in comparison with legal systems with which they are already familiar. Chapters of the second edition also cover such topics as American civil justice, criminal law, jury trial, choice of laws and international jurisdiction, the American legal profession, and the influence of American law in the global legal order
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ContentsPreface page xiii chapter 1. the sources of american law.
A. Historical Roots 1 B. Allocation of Authority to Create and Adapt Legal Rules and Principles 5 
1. The Judicial Decision 7 
2. Legislation 14 
3. Court Rules 19 
4. Secondary Sources 20 
C. Finding American Law 23 
chapter 2. american common law 
A. The Two Western Legal Traditions 27 
B. The Reception of the Common Law on the North American Continent 32 
. The Post-Revolution Development of American Law 35 
D. Common Law Reasoning and Analysis 40 
1. Public Policy and Legal Decision Making 40 
2. Precedent and Case Distinctions 42 
3. Overruling and Departing from Precedent 45E. American Common Law at the Beginning of the Third Millennium 46 
F. An Example of the Common Law in Action 47 
chapter 3. comparative perspectives on american contract law . 
A. Looking at Law Comparatively 71 
B. Comparative Law Methodology 72 
C. Contract Law – Offer and Acceptance 76 
1. The Common Law of Offer and Acceptance 76 
2. Comparative Analysis 78 
D. The Doctrine of Consideration 82 
1. The Common Law Doctrine of Consideration 83 
2. The Problem of Unenforceability, Relative and Absolute 85 
a. Delineating Transaction Types Unenforceable in Their Natural or Normal State 86
b. Classifying Individual Transactions to Determine Whether They Fall Within an Unenforceable Transaction Type 87 
c. Determining and Devising Extrinsic Elements Capable of Rendering Enforceable Otherwise Unenforceable Transactions 93 
3. The Problem of Abstractness 97 
4. The Screening of Individual Transactions for Unfairness 98 
5. Conclusion 99 chapter 
4. american federalism 
A. The American Governmental Scene Prior to the Constitution of 1789 104 
B. The Federal System Established by the U.S. Constitution 105 
C. The Spheres of Federal and State Authority – Interstate Commerce 108 
D. The Federal and State Judicial Systems 116
E. Interaction between the State and Federal Systems of Justice 120
F. American Federalism Compared 131 
chapter 5. american constitutional law and the role of the united states supreme court 
A. Introduction 134 
B. The Supreme Court’s Threefold Role 137 
C. The Supreme Court’s Institutional Character 138 
D. The Founding Fathers’ Understandings Respecting the Supreme Court’s Role 140 
E. The Court as Balance Wheel of the Federal System: The Commerce Clause 145 
F. The Court as Guardian of Individual Rights 146 
G. The Court as Arbiter of the Allocation of Powers among the Branches of theFederal Government 149 
H. The Court’s Standing in American Society 154 
I. American Constitutional Law Compared 159

chapter 6. american civil justice 
A. The Role of Civil Justice in American Society 162
B. Civil Procedure and Adversarial Legalism 165
C. American Civil Procedure and the Continuous Trial 167
1. Fundamental Principles and Basic Institutional Arrangements 168
2. The Significance for First-Instance Procedure of Concentrated Trials 170
D. Further Procedural Characteristics Associated with Concentrated and with Discontinuous Trials 174
E. Civil Justice as Punishment? 179 F. Collective Litigation 182
chapter 7. american criminal justice..
A. American Federalism and Criminal Law 189

B. Criminal Constitutional Review 191
C. The Adversary Criminal Justice System 194
D. The Prosecution Function 196
E. Criminal Justice and Jury Trial 200
F. The Death Penalty in the United States 202
chapter 8. american trial by jury..............206
A. Historical Background of American Jury Trial 206
B. The Jury as Fact Finder and Case Decider 209
1. Selection and Composition of Juries 209
2. Function of the Jury at Trial 213
3. Rules of Evidentiary Admissibility 216
4. The Application of the Law in Jury Proceedings 219
5. Jury Deliberations 220
C. Accountability of the Jury and Review of Jury Determinations 222
D. The Role of the Judge in Jury Trial 224
E. The Role of Lawyers in Jury Trial 226
F. The Future of American Trial by Jury 227
chapter 9. choice of law, international civil jurisdiction, and recognition of judgments in the united states .
A. Introduction 231
B. Choice of Law 233
C. Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 237
D. Jurisdiction to Adjudicate 241
E. European–American Problems of Discovery and Taking of Evidence Abroad 246
chapter 10. the american legal profession.
A. American Legal Education 251
1. The American Law School 252
2. The Law School Curriculum 254

3. American Legal Pedagogy 256
4. Clinical Legal Education and Law Reviews 258
5. Examinations and Grading 260
6. Transitions to Law Practice 261
7. Admission to the Bar 262
B. The American Legal Profession 263
1. Private Law Firms 264
2. Bar Associations and Regulation of the Bar 265
3. Legal Aid and Access to Justice 266
4. Lawyers’ Fees and Compensation 268
5. The American Judiciary 269
chapter 11.the united states and the global legal community .
A. The American Legal System in World Context 274
B. American Private Law in the Modern World 278
C. American Litigation Abroad 282
D. American Public Law and the Modern Democratic World 285
E. America and the World Language of Law 287
F. American Legal Culture on the World Scene 288
G. America and World Public Law 291
H. America and the Legal World of the Future 294

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